Game description

Obama has to save Inka Team from Pigsaw's claws.


Hero: Obama

Victims: Inka Team

Villains: Bigfoot, Meduza, Pigsaw


  • At first Obama came into the Inka Team workshop, where he didn't saw anyone, after he saw Pigsaw and heared his message.
  • Obama had to remember which lock to knock at first, with the help of the small blue friend.
  • Obama had to push colored buttons and repeat it many times as the cyrcle showed him.
  • He had to grab the colored pieces on a way, so that the doors could open.
  • He had to move the pieces into (some) the right holes.
  • Obama had to paint Pigface as he saw him in the previous room.
  • The Inka Team were all in statue in Meduza's room.
  • In the last room, Pigsaw said that they can go, but in 30 seconds there will be highly mortal gas.
  • In the last act, Inka Team anouces some new games as Pigsaw asked, what kind of famous person should he add in the game.
Obama Inkagames Rescue Walkthrough

Obama Inkagames Rescue Walkthrough

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