Game description

Obama is in Middle World and his mission is to destroy the ring.


Hero: Obama

Villains: A dark rider, an oger, the evil wizard, a sea monster, 3 ghosts, a troll, the firery moster, The Lord of Nazgul, dragon, spider, Sauron, orcs

Others: Gandalf, the Elf King, Bilbo, Legolas, the dwarf, Princes Arwen, Galadriel, mister tree, Smegul, Link, Eowyn


  • Obama was sucked in the book, as Tony (from Inka Team) was.
  • There are all characters of the movie in the game.
  • Obama had 7 paths - places on the map.
  • Link was seen in this game.
  • The game ended as in the movie.
Obama Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

Obama Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

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