Game description

Obama has to save Narnia from the White Witch.


Hero: Obama

Villains: An elf, a wild pig, a cyclops, an evil tree, a minotaur, 2 wolfs, a warrior, the evil ice Witch

Others: Mr. Tumtums, beaver, Scrat, Santa Claus, Donkey, a tree, a little mouse, Pepe La Phew, Mr. Mole


  • The whole title name is: Obama Narnia - The return of the Witch.
  • Mr. Tumtums was in a statue.
  • There was a puzzle to make in the game.
  • Santa Claus, from this game, is the same as in one of the Obama's past game.
  • There were seen many other characters: Scrat, Santa, Donkey,
  • Obama had to play the flute twice, for a dancing song.
  • Obama had 4 places on the map.
  • There were all the characters from Narnia.
  • In the end, Obama though that it was just a dream.
Obama Narnia - The return of the Witch Walkthrough

Obama Narnia - The return of the Witch Walkthrough

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