Pigsaw Revenge is a game made by Inkagames. In it, Pigsaw take revenge on Obama and his family.

Game description

Pigsaw has a revenge for Obama and his family.


Hero: Barack Obama

Victims: Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama.

Villains: Pigsaw, Pigface prototype, Dinosaur, Billy the Killer, Coyote Kid, a guard, droids, Dark Vader

Others: Dr. Emmett Brown, Fred Flintstone, Mr. Smith, Mr. Wesson, Jabba the Hutt, Jabba's son, C3PO, Yoda, Bender, R2D2


Some time after the release of Guantanamo, the Inka Team released the trailer for this game, unlike following game trailers, in this trailer, Pigsaw interacts with the player and tells him about the next game.

Obama y la Venganza de Pigsaw - Trailer

Obama y la Venganza de Pigsaw - Trailer

Attention! The following video was only found in spanish and has no sound so the dialogues were translated manually to english in the article.

Link of the gamer: Woof Dog
  • Pigsaw: Hello my unlucky friend.
  • Player Option 1: You're ugly.
    • Pigsaw's Answer is unknown for the moment.
  • Player Option 2: What do you want?
    • Pigsaw: I want to play a Game.
      • Player Option 1: I'm very scared
        • Pigsaw: Don't worry, i won't do anything to you...
        • Pigsaw: yet.
      • Player Option 2: I'll kick your ass.
        • Pigsaw:We're going to see that.
      • Player Option 3: What kind of game?
        • Pigsaw: A twisted game... Like always... But this time i won't have mercy.
        • Pigsaw: Insert your e-mail and personally i'll tell you when my new game comes out.
        • Pigsaw: Live or Die... Make your choice!
  • Player Option 3: I'm scared.
    • Pigsaw: Don't worry, i won't do anything to you...
    • Pigsaw: ...yet.

Beta Version

Days prior the game's launch, a link for a Beta version was published on Inkagames' Facebook. The game was nearly the same except that Pigsaw's theme was absent and this didn't have voice, Obama already had a lightsaber and it was the same from the previous game, Emmett didn't warned Obama to go to the past first before going to the Future, when Obama traveled to the future, he arrived directly in the battle against Dark Vader and the battle's theme was different, the Pigsaw robot of the end didn't appeared and in the final dialogues Obama mentioned that this game was a beta and announced the countdown to the complete version.

Obama y la venganza de Pigsaw- SOLUCIÒN (Inkagames)

Obama y la venganza de Pigsaw- SOLUCIÒN (Inkagames)

Link of the gamer: kongquake


  • This was the first game to have a trailer, something that didn't happened until Obama Resident Evil.
  • Similar to Obama vs. Pigsaw, Obama has to rescue his family from Pigsaw, but in Pigsaw Revenge they are in several other parts of the World.
  • Obama's family sprites are different from the ones of Obama vs. Pigsaw.
  • In the beginning what seems to be a Pigface prototype (that was in the closet) kidnapped Obama.
  • There were 2 multi functioned Pigsaw puppets.
  • Obama could transform himself into Hulk - by the help of the machine and one of the Pigsaw puppet.
  • In the end of the game, Obama had to battle against Dark Vader.
Obama Pigsaw Revenge Walkthrough

Obama Pigsaw Revenge Walkthrough

Link of the gamer: hiDdeNoBjecTs

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