Game description

Obama has to catch RaFace that ecaped from prison.


Hero: Obama

Villains: RatFace

Other: Ronald McDonald, Chavo, Kiko, guard, Tom Cruise, man-rat, cop


  • This game has the exact place as in the game: Operation Petrogate and has several differences:
  1. On the wooden desk - in this game - has written: FBI, while on the other game is: PCM;
  2. There was a flush-cat toy on the Petrogate, while in RatFace, there isn't;
  3. In both of the games, the main characters were trapped in a room and had to escape the room, with a rocket;
  4. This game had Ronald, Chavo and Kiko, while Petrogate game didn't had him; Instead it had characters based on real Peruvian people.
  5. In Obama's game, there were a lot of other characters, while on the Petrogate game, the characters were low;
  6. The both games had the same suplies in the shop and the same guard;
  7. In the game Petrogate, there was written in words WC, while in Obama's game, there was a sign: woman/men/alien as for the toilet;
  8. They both games made the guard sick and made the man-rat drunk;
    1. However in Petrogate as all the ingredients of the Cheese with ham and pineapple were in the store, it can be won without doing this two points while in this one is required to make the guard sick in order to pick the pineapple.
  9. In both games, there was a cop, but in this game the cop was in blue color, while in the Petrogate game the cop was in green;
  10. In both games, they made RatFace come out with his special food: cheese, ham, pineapple;
  11. Ratface was in the both games, the same character.
  12. There were a lot of characters - known - that were seen the first time in this game, they are: Chavo and Ronald.
Obama RatFace Operation ( inkagames ) walkthrough

Obama RatFace Operation ( inkagames ) walkthrough

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