Game description

Pigsaw kidnapped Obama's family, again, but this time it's on Christmas.


Hero: Obama

Victims: Obama's family

Villains: Pigsaw, goblins, Goblin, snowman, The Grinch, The Grinch's cat

Others: Santa, Reindeers, Jack, Macaulay, the three children in a bath-with feet, Zero


  • Obama had 4 sides: North Pole, Macaulay's Home, Halloween Town, Rainbow Forest.
  • In the Halloween Town, there were the characters of: The Nightmare before Christmas.
  • In this game, it's the first time, that is shown, that Grinch has a (green) cat.
  • At the end, Obama's family were in their house - Obama though that Pigsaw really did kidnapped the, but he did not.
  • In the very end of the game, Santa brough Pigsaw a snow motor-bike.
Obama and Pigsaw's Gift Walkthrough

Obama and Pigsaw's Gift Walkthrough

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