Game description

Obama has to defeat the aliens before it is too late.


Hero: Obama

Villains: Aliens, sea monster, snake, ice monster, alien chief.

Others: A 'Rapa Nui' inhabitant (female and male), a tourist, an elder, harmonica guy, dancers, Messi, countrywoman, Grasshopper, turtle, people at beach, dinosaur skeleton,dragon,Lama.


  • This game was originally titled Obama 2012 and it was set to premiere on December 21st 2012. The title was changed because it was premiered in 2013, however the alien's dialogues at the begining of the game about December 21st 2012 were left unchanged.
  • This is a second game, that Obama had to battle the aliens in the end.
Obama and the Mayan Prophecy Walkthrough

Obama and the Mayan Prophecy Walkthrough

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