Game description

Obama has to go to Wonderland, so that he can rescue Alice from the red queen.


Hero: Barack Obama

Captive: Alice

Villains: Frog, Humphy Dumphy, eagle, big white monster, red cards (guards), Jabberwocky (dragon), The Red Queen.

Others: Caterpillar, peagon, lizard, goat turtle (transformed into turtle), Tweeteldee, Tweeteldum, The Lord of Time, Crazy Hare, The Mad Hatter, 2 flowers, White Bunny.


  • In this game, there are all characters from Alice in Wonderland.
  • The peagon had a rollete (with several other places), that can be changed and the path transformed into any place.
  • Obama had to kill red queen's dragon.
  • The red queen's cards (guards) took her crown and give it to Alice - their new Queen.
  • Obama though (in the end) it was just a dream - maybe because he was working too hard.
Obama in Wonderland Walkthrough

Obama in Wonderland Walkthrough

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