Game description

Obama has to save the Scooby-Doo gang from the haunted house.


Hero: Obama

Victims: Scooby-Doo gang

Villains: A red ghost, a evil wizard, an evil man in the coffin, an living ghost cowboy


  • The game is a continue of the first game Obama in the Dark.
  • The game begins the way, that Obama is locked outside the gates.
  • The game has every same detail as from the first game, but it has some new things:
    • The gates were locked with an evil key lock;
    • There was a ghost on the bed, covering a key;
    • The wall, that has the skull and the big hand, has two hand prints;
    • There was a architecture of death that had 4 cards in it's mouth;
    • Under the ground, there was a steel door;
    • In the house was a statue of a man with a staff;
    • There was a picture of a smiling clown in the dance room;
    • In the garden, there was a different kind of a statue - a woman siting on the half moon;
    • In the room, where was the clown, were 3 big cylinders;
    • There were squares with pictures of kings and queens, next to it was a big head of a red skinned dragon. In the next room there was a star in a cyrcle on the ground with two knights;
    • There was a room where was a throne for the evil wizard;
    • Two of the rooms were closed with red boards;
    • There was a room with a mechanisem when in the next room was a knight with fire;
    • In the Queens room, there was a secret entrance in the ground;
    • The front doors had two eyes;
    • Outside, where was a statue of death with it's sycle, was a secret entrance of a nother room down bellow;
    • There was a big statue that had faces of the Scooby-Doo gang.
  • Obama thinks it's going to be a third game of him in the Dark.
Obama in the Dark 2 Walkthrough, Adventure by Inka Games

Obama in the Dark 2 Walkthrough, Adventure by Inka Games

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