Game description

Yehude has to catch a villain named Romulo Raton.


Hero: Yehude Simon

Villains: Romulo Raton

Others: Alan Damian, Mutant Cuy who lends money, Tio George, Officer Tonngo, Rata vieja Quimper, Officer with bad face


  • This game can be played just in Spanish language.
  • The character screen says that you can also interact with a character named Lucianita Raton, however said character only can be seen on a Newspaper and is no where to find her in the map.
  • This game was re-relased as RatFace Operation. The main differences are that the re-relased version is now an Obama game and was no longer based on a Peruvian corruption scandal. Also there were many differences in the game as some objects were located in different places and the Peruvian real life characters (save for Romulo and Quimper) were replaced by fictional characters and other real life characters such as Tom Cruise. Romulo and Quimper were renamed RatFace and FatRat. Tonngo was added sun glasses and was a company guard instead a Police officer watching a Home arrested Quimper.
Let's Play ~ Operation Petrogate ~ No Hablo Español

Let's Play ~ Operation Petrogate ~ No Hablo Español

Link of the gamer: MagicManMo

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