Other Ms. Forcible
Other Ms. Furcibel

About her

She is resembled as the true Miriam Forcible, but this one has buttons in her eyes.

In the game

In Coraline's adventurous game, she was seen in the second night at the show, where she was playing as Aphrodite.



  • In Coraline's game, she was seen the same as in the movie.
  • Coraline had to pay a ticket in the front, where the ticketer was her and Other April's dog.
  • At the show, she sang some songs, until April and she started a fight who is who in their show.
  • The background theme started out smoothelly, until it went crazy and went one on the top of the other.
  • When the curtains closed, they were seen above the ground, first just jumping on the plank, until both of them zip down their normal bodies and they were seen slim as they swing on the swings.
  • Other Miriam grabbed Coraline at her hands and had to deliver her to April or leave her on the shelf.
  • As they jumped down, they landed in a barrel with water (as they came out in a piramid like-way) and had to catch Coraline.
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