Game description

Pigsaw has kidnapped Pepe Mujica and forcing him to play his evil game.


Hero: Pepe Mujica

Villains: A tiger, la llorona(the weeping woman), a shark, mutant vegetables and fruits (a mutant pear, a mutant tomato and a mutant banana), Godzilla, King Kong, Megatron, Sandman, the Alien, Predator, Pigsaw

Others: Kimba Chen


  • This game was going to be originally titled Pepe Five Nights at Freddy's but later the FNAF theme was scrapped due to the development of Town Saw Game as FNAF is Town's favorite game.
    Pepe Five Nights at Freddys title

    Original title published in Inkagames' Facebook

  • At the beggining, we saw Pigface dressed as a postman that delivered a letter to Pepe.
  • Pepe had to dance an old indian dance so that he would have water in the barrel.
  • In this game there is the first time, that the evil Sandman (from Spiderman) was in.
  • The Predator and the Alien were more bigger than in the past few games.
  • In a room, Pepe had to push the right numbers for the code, with the help of his mirror self. This part was very equal like in one of the Inka Team games.
  • In the game there was a nother new Inka Winner from the comic contest.
  • Megatron, in this game, was differenter than in the series - he was more white here.
Inkagames Pepe Saw Game Walkthrough

Inkagames Pepe Saw Game Walkthrough

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