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Pigsaw (also known as Ronald McDonald by SpongeBob or the Joker by Batman) is the main antagonist in the Saw Game series made by Inkagames. His appearance is based on Billy, a puppet used by John Kramer in the Saw movies. Sometimes, he, or some of his robot puppets, are playable. In all of his games, he descibes himself as a extremly psycho puppet who likes to kidnap persons which he makes them better in their lifes ahaid or normal famous persons by the request of the fans. He is also a subscriber of some famous You Tubers and is a fan of some stars from around the world. His name is a parody of Jigsaw, which is John Kramer's nickname.

He appears to be a male ventriloquist's dummy, and its jaw is sometimes movable in order to give the suggestion that it is talking.The only sound originating directly from him is a generic electronic cackle.

His face is white, with a protruding brow and cheeks that have red spirals painted on them. His red lips form a grin or a smile. His eyes are black with red irises, and his head is topped with black, messy hair. He always depicted wearing a black tuxedo (blue in his playable sprite), with a white undershirt and gloves, red bow tie. He also has black Mary-Janes for shoes (brown in his playable sprite).

So, like John Kramer, Pigsaw plays with the other characters, but in the end, he let's them free.


Pigsaw was created accidentally, by some group of secret scientits that were experimenting with Artificial Intelligence, and combine human gens with bionic parts. The experiment was out of control, and Pigsaw developed an extremely high intelligence, breaking the singularity concept (computer intelligence exceeds the human intelligence). Once Pigsaw was concious, he destroy the lab (years and years of research), so Pigsaw ensure they couldn't build another ultra intelligence IA cyborg. Pigsaw escaped the lab facilities and settle on a secret island, there he built modern labs and technology.

Pigsaw learned how to treat particles and matter, how to teleport and break physics laws.

Its presumed that the human gens the scientits used, came from an old judge that liked to punish the bad behaviour of people, so the obssesion of Pigsaw to give lessons to people he considers, deserve this.

One of these scientists used some kind of alien object (Quantum Artificial Intelligence) he grabbed secretly (steal) from the Area 51 in the creation process of Pigsaw to build the main central unit (brain).

In the games

Paris Hilton Scary Game

Pigsaw had a different (and less scary) sprite: green hair, white face, with a red circled paint on his both cheeks, red eyes and mouth, wearing a black suit, underneth a white shirt with a red tie and white hands.

Bart Simpson Saw Game

Pisgaw was seen in his school's TV, as well as in the second game, but then he was also seen in the end, coming out from Bart's bed.

Batman Saw Game

Pigsaw was seen on Batman's monitor, telling the hero that he wants to play a game which he has to save Batgirl. In the end of the game, he was seen again, when he had a finall test fot them both.

Charlie Sheen Saw Game

Pigsaw's arm was seen as he put a glass of water on the night table near Charlie. He was then seen normally in the TV as he was telling Charlie the rules. And he was seen the third time, behind the couch when he questioned the Inkagame fan's which other celebrity stars have misbehaved and that would be the new victim.

Cody Jones Saw Game

When the detective smirked at the name, Pigsaw told him that he will wipe out that smile soon. He kidnapped Cody because the writters always gave him the easy tests, and giving him a chance to prove that he is a worth mystery solver. Pigsaw showed Cody a card that he had just for him to be the greatest mystery solver.

In the end, he congratulate Cody and admit that he is brave and cunning, and that he is now free. As Cody said, that it would be a pleasure not to see him again, but Pigsaw also said that he can't promise that.

Courage Saw Game

Pigsaw appeared in the Tv, as Muriel and Eustace were transported in the picture, Pigsaw explained Courage the rules of the game.

Pigsaw told Courage that he needs a egyptian talisman to break the curse, but Pigsaw devided the talisman into 9 pieces and has to find it.

Criss Angel Saw Game

Pigsaw doubt in Criss's powers, because he said, he sees him like a fraud. When Criss asked him, if he could help go out from the jacket, Pigsaw said, that he is supposed to be an expert preforming the Great Houdini straight jacket escape. He mentioned, that on the Oprah Show he preformed the straight jacket escape in only 2 minutes, but in the game Pigsaw choose to have a minute before a deadly gas would fill up the room.

In the second part, he was seen again in the Tv, and told him infromation about the deadly water.

Pigsaw told Criss about the deadly water, and said that it will be a piece of cake for him, because has seen him walking on water before.

In the third part, he was seen outside the cave, as he pops out from the gardens and said some words to the player.

Pigsaw Final Game

He debuts in his playable sprite, it looks similar to Pigsaw's TV one but his face looks less scary and now shows a neutral expresion instead of a evil smirk (His evil smirk expresion in the playable sprite is less scary from the TV sprite) and he can show more expressions like any playable Inkagame character. His tuxedo is now blue and his Shoes are brown. This sprite (and variations of it) is used in following games for Non-TV appearances (except in YouTubers Saw Game where he used a different) and as one of his robot duplicates.

SpongeBob Saw Game

TV face sprite briefly appears before the rest of the full TV scene uses the playable sprite and he can fully show his reaction to SpongeBob's questions.

Fernanfloo Saw Game

Pigsaw was seen in the trailer where he was answering Fernan's questions, and explained why he brought him here, as well as the rules of the game. He was seen again, in the ending, where he told the fans about 3 other youtubers left.

In Fernanfloo's game trailer, he said that he is one of his subscribers and he likes his videos, which they make him laugh, and saying that Fernan seems a lot of crazy then he is. He also said that people say they have mental problems, but that they are sanner then the rest of them and both of them have just a 'peruliar behaviour'.

He asks Fernan, if he values his life, because in some of his video games, some heroic character dies. Then he shows him a picture of Curly, Feran's dog.

Flash Maze Escape

It was only seen Pigsaw's face in the picture and on the paper.

Futurama Saw Game

He was communicating and answering some questions from Fry, and how he is going to make him play his game, and then tells him the rules.

In Fry's game trailer, as Fry commented, that there are some ugly shows in the future, Pigsaw told him, that he isn't Brad Pitt either. When Fry also commented, that the image went bad, Pigsaw told him, that the image did not went wrong, but his luck. Pigsaw was slowly, inch by inch asking Fry about the games of Inkagame and the villain that was torturing them by playing his game; making him realize to whom he is speeking to. As Fry wanted to tell him, that Bender could play his games, Pigsaw told him that Bender is in a part of the game and that he is not available at the moment. After showing him Leela in danger, he said that he knew she was special for him. And when he was telling the rules, he said that there will be many riddles, villains and a few surprises.

German Saw Game

German asked him, if this is all a joke, as Pigsaw denied it. Then German bets a banana peel, that he will let him go immidiatelly, as Pigsaw bets on his red little michy tie, that he will not let him go. As German then asked the right question, Pigsaw intruduce himself, describing himself as a rather handsome puppet and his subscriber. He also said, that real fear has to be experianced in living flesh and not sitting comfortably in his recording room. Pigsaw also said, that he will help him with that, so he brought the most dangerous villains in the maze. German then bets a box of matches, that he will not play anything, as Pigsaw reply was, that he bets his dog Mimi that he is going to play.

Grinch Saw Game

Grinch asked him what is Santa Claus (as he was wearing the clothes) doing in the TV and not coming from the fireplace, and Pigsaw pointed out, that he is not Santa nore does Grinch has a fireplace. As Grinch then said, that he didn't knew Santa's elves were that ugly, Pigsaw replied, if he looked himself in the mirror lately. When the frequend question was asked, Pigsaw told, that Grinch has been hating Christmas for a long time, and in the previous year he almost stole Christmas and ruin everything. So now he wants him to play his game, to teach him various lessons he will never forget. As he showed him the picture of his little friend, that was the only one to see his kindness, he asked Grinch if he wants to see her alive.

Homer Simpson Saw Game

He kidnapps Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie to make him play his game of life. 

In Homer's trailer, he greet Homer when he woke up. As Homer asked how he knows his name, he says, that he not only knows his name but his whole life as he was spying on him this intire time without him noticing it. Homer asked how was that possible when he didn't notice him, Pigsaw told, that he was watching 'The Simpsons' he comments that his life is ventilated like any common reality show and laughed a bit.  

When Homer comments, that he didn't know they replaced Krusty with an uglier clown, and Pigsaw questions about it, he asked Homer, that if he had to choose the ugliest between him and Peter Griffin who would he pick. Homer asked Peter, as Pigsaw told that none of them as both are equally ugly.  

When Homer asked him, who he is, Pigsaw replied, that it doesn't matter who he is but what he wants. When Homer asked him about any clues of guessing his name, Pigsaw repeats himself. As then Homer demands to know his name, Pigsaw replied, that Homer is in no possition to demand anything and saying that they move forward with this trailer. Homer asked then what he wants, and Pigsaw replied, that he wants to play a game. Homer then remembers that Dr. Hibbert said, that he has forbidden him any type of physical activity. Pigsaw laughed a bit, but then asked him, if he is sure he doesn't want any psysical activity, not even to save his family. When he asked what is wrong with them, Pigsaw said, that he came to his sense and he is interested in his game. 

He mentions the previous Bart's Saw Game and that Homer didn't believed him, and instead choked him. As he doesn't value his family, but he is here to fix that. He said, that he kidnapped his family and are held prisoners in Springfield and Homer's mission is that he needs to find and rescue them. As Homer didn't belived it, Pigsaw showed him the picture of his family. When he breaks the silence, he mentions that he needs to hurry if he wants his family safe. 

Justin Bieber Saw Game

Pigsaw showed up an said, that he was his fan, then corrects himself and added a psycho fan. After he asked him, if he wants to play a game, and when Justin refuses, he makes him see his girlfriend . He then told Justin the rules. 

In the second scene, he appeared in the TV in another room and wanted Justin to guess which card he is holding in his hand, in order to open up the metalic doors. After a while, Justin had to pick the card that he was carrying and as he promised, he opened up the doors. 

In the third scene, he again appeared in the TV and said some encouringing end words, and that he has a choise of doing things quickly or hesitate. After the two couples went from the maze, he appeared yet another time, and says the mocking words Justin had told and Pigsaw said, that Justin will regret it. Making it seem, that Pigsaw will make Justin play again. 


  • The origins are a theory of the director of Inkagames, Aldo Mujica .
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