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The evil puppet Pigsaw is kidnapped by all his previous victims and is forced to play one of his wicked games. Will you help the puppet escape?


Hero: Pigsaw

Kidnapper: Barack Obama

Villains: Ronald McDonald, Sideshow Bob, Chucky, Plankton, Snake, Gene Simmons, Hulk.

Pigsaw's other victims who appear in the picture: Lady Gaga, Criss Angel, Bart Simpson, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Homer Simpson, Spark, Tony, Lucas, Flash.

Others: Bender, an Indian dancer, big bunny, Sandy, SpongeBob, Scratch, T-rex and T-rex's baby, Squidward (as SpongeBob), Mr. Krabs (as SpongeBob).


  • This is the first game where Pigsaw himself is playable.
  • This is the first time Obama is not playable.
  • Pigsaw Final Game is when Pigsaw is captured by Obama (a twist) and now he has to get out from the maze. A majority of characters from previous Inkagames make appearences here, also, this game is the debut of SpongeBob and his friends, which would later be used from two themed games and cameos.
  • Despite the page's description stating than all Pigsaw's victims (at the time when the game was launched) kidnap him, Obama is the only one who kidnaps him, since the other victims only make a cameo in the picture which Pigsaw must resolve the criptex's code.
  • In the middle of the game, Pigsaw borrows Sandy's Swimsuit and air helmet and dives into Bikini Bottom (there is a key down there that opens the door to the left of Sandy). Plankton kidnaps Pigsaw for intruding, then Pigsaw is locked up and saves SpongeBob, who was also captured. Then SpongeBob is playable to defeat Plankton until Pigsaw is free.
  • Thought Paris Hilton was alredy one of Pigsaw's victims when this game was launched, she is not included along with the other victims in that moment. This suggest either that Pigsaw and Paris ended in good terms after Paris Scary Game or that Paris' game was not canon due to Pigsaw's different look in that game.
  • Selena Gomez is the only victim in the picture's circle who does not have her own Saw Game.
Pigsaw Final Game (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

Pigsaw Final Game (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

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