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Game Description

The evil Pigsaw will force the charismatic youtuber Rovi23 to play his evil game again. This time Rovi will need the help of all the subscribers to escape safely.


Hero: Rovi23

Victims: Mel (Rovi23's Girlfriend)

Villains: Pigsaw, Sandman , Doctor Octopus, A creature in Resident Evil,TBA

Others: TBA


  • In the Youtubers Saw Game 3 and BTS Saw Game, Pigsaw told the fans he will be the next hero.
  • The trailer indicates that Rovi came home just before ending the game on YTSG 3, which the game was set on Christmas.
  • In the trailer Pigsaw also made a promotion of Dark Domes's games: The Girl in the Window and The Unwanted Experiment while the fans are waiting for this game to be playable.
  • The trailer came out on 8th of June 2020.
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