Game description

Santa has been kidapped by Pigsaw as he has to get out and save Christmas.


Hero: Santa Claus

Villains: Samara Morgan, Bruce Banner (transform into Hulk when angry), a purple minion, a clown-in-a-box, The Grinch, Frozen King, Robot Santa Claus (from Futurama)

Others: a horse, Edward Scissorhands, Melissa Sanchez, Professor Frink, a cat, Bumblebee Man, Kowalski, a flying piggy bank (with winds)


  • This Santa is very different than the Santa's that there were in the other games.
  • Pigsaw sprayed Santa with his sleeping spray.
  • Edward Scissorhands is a gardener who miss his job.
  • Bruce Banner want an pink unicorn for Christmas and he was very different than in the previous games.
  • Professor Frink's cat has lost, like in a other game (Marge Saw Game)
  • There was a purple minion, who transform later in a yellow one.
  • There was a pinguin (from the movie: Madagascar).
  • Melissa Sanchez was an Inka winner.
  • Santa had to change the collors on the 'pyramid' in order that the doors will open.
  • The Grinch was the same as in the previous game of Obama.
  • There was a shield of Capitan America.
  • The Frozen King is actually called Ice King (from the cartoon: Adventure Time) and it is the same as in the game.
  • In the battle between the robo-Santa, the real one had to defeat his gadges.
  • In the end we could see the elfs untied and outside with Santa.
Santa Saw Game (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

Santa Saw Game (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

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