Game description

Shakira has to free her boyfriend from Beetlejuice.


Hero: Shakira

Victim: Her boyfriend - Gerard Pique

Villains: A scarecrow, snake, a cat, a man, vampire, a red monster, a giant spider, Frankenstein, Casper's uncle, the hand, Casper's second uncle, a witch, a man in a mask, Beetlejuice

Others: The headless horseman, A bat, Casper, a man that can turn to a werewolf, Beetowen, Myke Wazowski


  • Shakira has two sprites: The one from the intro she wears a green tank top and longer jeans. The one from the full game she wears a white t-shirt, a green jacket and her jeans are less longer than the first sprite.
  • She used a lot of death's (skulpture) scytle.
  • In the paintings, there was Casper and one of his uncles.
  • There was Casper's second uncle - in a room - where he turned out the lights.
  • The man - that can turn to a werewolf - is harmless, opposite to his transformation.
    • The man that can turn into a werewolf is the same from Miley Cyrus Rescue where he was identified as Woody Allen.
  • Shakira had to work with a heavy machine.
  • Beetlejuice had transformed into a bug in the end as Shakira's boyfriend turned into Beetlejuice.
  • Mike wazowzky,in this game,can remove his eye,but in the Monsters inc. Movie hasn't a scene without it
Shakira Monster Mansion (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

Shakira Monster Mansion (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

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