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Game Description

The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Gary, and Spongebob will have to rescue him before it's too late.


Hero: SpongeBob

Villains: Pigsaw,  Plankton, Flying Dutchman, King Neptune, bully.

Others: Patrick , Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Karen , Citizen of Bikini Bottom, Boatman, Guard.


  • This is the first Saw Game to have a different background before the game starts.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob is playable (the first time was in Pigsaw Final Game).
  • Pigsaw again is refered to Ronald McDonald by SpongeBob.
  • This is probably the first time Pigsaw is being helped by the Hero's enemy (in this case, Plankton).
  • A picture of Obama can be found in Pigsaw's Room at the beginning of the game. However, in Pigsaw Final Game, the picture is of Bart Simpson.
  • In the begining, while SpongeBob was in the room, we could see small grey footsteps on the floor, that were going to the news paper (that was on the floor - where Gary slept).


Link of the gamer: Escape Gameplays
Spongebob Saw Game Walkthrough

Spongebob Saw Game Walkthrough

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