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Game Description

Help SpongeBob escape from the Flying Dutchman' ship!


Hero: SpongeBob SquarePants

Villains: Albert WeskerPlankton , Ghost, Ugly Troll

Others: Hooded Fish, Giant Stone


  • This is the second time the starting background is not the original black, the first in SpongeBob Saw Game .
  • Is this another appearance of the Octopus, another would be Pigsaw's Challenge.
  • SpongeBob Ship Escape is where SpongeBob is trapped on board the Flying Dutchman's Ship and has to find out how to get off.
  • At the beginning, SpongeBob was on the Dutchman's ship, where he saw the strange hooded fish (where he appeared in SpongeBob saw game).
  • He had to vacuum the spooky ghost into a bag, that was then revealed to Plankton (that was waiting for SpongeBob) and he was then carried by the ghost.
  • SpongeBob had to toss some pepper to the grumpy block, that he could sneeze out a object.
  • When he puts the colorful totems in the right place, on a shelf appeared a present (that was in the beginning empty), but then it had a surprise in it - a bomb- that then explode, when the evil troll smacked down with his weapon upon it.



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