Game description

Help Spongebob escape from the Flying Dutchman' ship!


SpongeBob Ship Escape

Hero: SpongeBob

Villains: Octopus, Plankton , Ghost, Ugly Troll

Others: Hooded Fish, Giant Stone


  • This is the second time the starting background is not the original black, the first in SpongeBob Saw Game .
  • Is this another appearance of the Octopus, another would be Pigsaw's Challenge.
  • SpongeBob Ship Escape is where SpongeBob is trapped on board the Flying Dutchman's Ship and has to find out how to get off.
  • At the begining, SpongeBob was on the Dutchman's ship, where he saw the strange hooded fish (where he appeared in SpongeBob saw game).
  • He had to vacume the spooky ghost into a bag, that was then revealed to Plankton (that was waiting for SpongeBob) and he was then carried by the ghost.
  • SpongeBob had to toss some pepper to the grumpy block, that he could sneeze out a object.
  • When he puts the colorful totems in the right place, on a shelf appeared a present (that was in the begining empty), but then it had a suprise in it - a bomb- that then explode, when the evil troll smacked down with his weapon upon it.
  • There are some differences between SpongeBob Ship escape and SpongeBob Saw Game:
  1. ​At the spih, where SpongeBob came too, he was somewhere in the middle of the ship's deck, while in this game, he appears on the begining of the ship. (Where the gostly Dutchman was flying his ship - in SpongeBob Saw Game).
  2. (In this game) The ship has many rooms, when (in the Saw game) the ship have had just 2 rooms and some stairs to go down to the lower palube.
  3. He had to play a game from the monitor, just like he had to play it in the Saw Game.
  4. In a room, he saw a grumpy block. It was not seen in any of SpongeBob games, but he was seen in Chris Angel Saw Game.
  5. The golden crown was seen in both of the games, but in (ship escape) he had to carry it towards the hooded fish, while (in the Saw Game) he had to put it in a shield, that he would protect himself from Neptun's power staff.
  6. From the ship, he had to go to the barrels and in the end, he back to the Island - where he walked by Plankton's home (Chum Bucket).
The endings of them both were differenter. (Saw game) Pigsaw had a female robot slug, that Gary fell in love, when (in the Ship Escape) Plankton was seen the second time in the game and said, that SpongeBob thinks he escaped, but he will have some new news.
Spongebob Ship Escape Walkthrough

Spongebob Ship Escape Walkthrough

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