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SpongeBob SquarePants is the main protagonist, and the eponymous character, of the Nickelodeon animated comedy series of the same name. SpongeBob is a childish, joyful, eccentric sea sponge who lives in a pineapple in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom. He works as a fry cook at The Krusty Krab, a job that he is exceptionally skilled. SpongeBob lacks a lot of knowledge and is a constant annoyance to those around him (especially Squidward Tentacles), but he is very good-natured. He appears in all of the episodes in the series.

He has appeared in six Inkagames in total; three games of which he is playable as a major character, two in which he plays a minor part, and one where he is but a cameo appearance.

In the games

In SpongeBob Saw Game, he has to save his pet snail, Gary from Pigsaw, who is using him in order to get SpongeBob to play one of his twisted games.

In SpongeBob Ship Escape, he has to find a way to get off of the Flying Dutchman's ship.

In Pigsaw Final Game, SpongeBob is first seen in a cage in the Chum Bucket aside the recently kidnapped Pigsaw. When SpongeBob briefly becomes playable, he must help Pigsaw get free from Plankton's clutches so he can return to the game.

In Lucas Castle Escape, Spongebob was in a video game, which Lucas had to control him, where he had to move some chocolate blocks to their places.

In Obama Crazy Escape, Spongebob was in a video game with Bart Simpson and both of them had to move some block and to get on a square of their own faces, but had to do in time or they could explode.


  • SpongeBob would be the first character to see Pigsaw talking in his house. Also, the first to see Pigface with Pigsaw.
  • SpongeBob would also be the first to be playable in all his appearances.
  • SpongeBob is the playable character in the 'kick the block' mini-game in Lucas Castle Escape and Obama Crazy Escape.
  • SpongeBob makes a cameo appearance in Maggie Saw Game as one of the character pictures used to move the babies.
    • This marks the first where he is not playable in an appearance.
      • However, since SpongeBob does not physically appear in the game but as part of an object, This may not be the case.
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