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The Cat is one of the major supporting characters of the story. He appears and disappears at will and, with an unexplained reason, has the ability to speak in the Other World.

In the game

Coraline and the Secret Door

The Cat was already seen for the first time, when it was lying on the wooden rood where the sign of the Pink Palace was hanged. It was only then seen when Wybie scared Coraline with his mask.

Coraline would call the Cat down from the roof, where it was lying, to come down for a plate of milk, before she snaped a picture at it.

In the second night, in the Other World, he was on the fence and could talk to Coraline. In the same night, the cat showed and walked with Coraline pass the garden, to the empty part and back to the Other house. It would also help Coraline recognize, that the mice were in fact rats in disquise. When Coraline came to her normal world, through the secret doors, the Cat was outside the house as she was talking to it, asking where her parents would be. It would then show her, that her parents were trapped in the mirror.

The Cat also told Coraline an information about Other Mother - that she likes to play games, which would give her some help in advance. The Cat also helped Coraline with snatching the last circus rat that was rolling down a ball, which in fact was the last eye she needed. As the Cat went away, Coraline went after it and said, that she will need him, which he said in return, that he feels he won't like it.

When finally confronting Other Mother, Coraline throws the Cat at her, so she could escape to her normal world. The Cat wripped out Other Mother's button eyes before it jumped off and ran off.

At the end, when Coraline was in the Real World, it jumped out of her window and into her room. She would then appologize about what she had done, as then they both go into the bed and sleep. The Cat would then be seen again, when Coraline and Wybie were finished with the evil hand of the Other Mother, sitting on the trunk.



  • Wybie is the owner of the Cat.
  • It was going everywhere Wybie went.
  • When Coraline got the picture, the cat ran away.
  • In the Other World, the cat could talk and it isn't any Other, as it said in the game.
  • As Coraline wanted to go back to the Other World, she left the key outside the little doors, next to the Cat.
  • The cat wasn't seen in the yard party with the other characters.
  • As Coraline woke up after seeing the three ghosts, now angels, the Cat was still seen sleeping on her bed.
  • The cat wasn't seen in the picnic with the other characters.
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