About her

She is a fairy that leads on the story tails, that they do not get mashed-up, the heroes win and they all have a happy ending.

In the game

In Crazy Tale, she was partly seen in the trailer as a victim that was caught by the witch.

In the second part, she was seen in the witches home hanged up, but was then freed.



  • In Crazy Tale, she had a bright pink pointy hat, pink ribbons on her pointy top of the hat, blonde hair, glasses on her nose, pink dress with white under dress, red shoes, light blue fairy wings.
  • In the trailer's story, there was written a short story, that she was captured by the witch.
  • She was in the witches domain and hanged up on the wall.
  • When the witch was turned into a beanstock, the fairy was free.
  • She was seen to be a bit overweight.
  • She thank Obama for saving her.
  • At the trailer and at the start of the game, the Fairy of Tales was seen with brown tied up hair, light yellow dress, glasses, blue wings and heels. She wasn't seen to be overweight.
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