Game description

Mayre Martinez is in great danger, she has to escape the aliens.


Hero: A Good Alien (first part), Mayre Martinez (second part)

Villains: Cat, Brainwashed Alien, evil Neon

Others: Veronica (Mayre's assistant), sales man, guard, Elvis impesionator, Elvis Dog, a Mayre (stuff) female seller, John Paul, guard (agent)

Beta Version

Prior the official publication of the game, a beta version was released. The main differences are: At the beginning of the game there was an unknown song to play that allowed the aliens to locate Mayre. The good alien didn't ask for the pillow to Veronica while this ones were not Mayre-themed. The Elvis imitator part wasn't there. The coupon was not needed to be cut from the newspaper and it was given completly to the stuff seller.

Solucion Mayre y La Amenaza Neón (Beta)

Solucion Mayre y La Amenaza Neón (Beta)

Link of the gamer: SrPanda_Gameplays


  • The Inka Team revealed on facebook that Mayre Martinez and John Paul personally worked with them to develop this game.
    • This is the first time that Inkagames develops an official game for a celebrity.
  • In the beggining there were shown aliens - normal people that just have a mask on.
  • The posters and a statue are shot from the real world - as we know it.
  • After Mayre was being kiddnaped, she was transfered into a glass calup and had to sing (that the glass would break) and the second one (to sleep the monster) and the third time (in the end, for a party on a other planet).
  • The singing parts mechanic are very similar to the videogames Guitar Hero and Rock Band
  • She has a light saber as in one of the Obama's games (but here it is purple).
Mayré and the Neon Menace Walkthrough

Mayré and the Neon Menace Walkthrough

Link of the gamer: hiDdeNoBjecTs

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