Game description

Tommy the cat has to save her girlfriend from the Joker rat.


Hero: Tommy the cat

Victims: Tommy's girlfriend - Tina

Villains: Joker-rat, dog, 3 cats Bimbo the Clown, Indiana Rat, Flash-rat, Jason-rat, Rambo-rat, The neighbor.

Others: Tommy's owner - Ruford Hunter, Bony, Waldo the mouse, a mail man, Arwen.

Garfield Crazy Rescue

This game originally premiered as Garfield Crazy Rescue, the game was the same, the only differences were that all the characters (except the rats) were Garfield Characters (Example: Tommy was Garfield, Tina was Arlene) while others were drawn in Garfield style, according to Inkagames Facebook, Garfield Crazy Rescue was turned into Tommy Crazy Rescue to avoid problems due to copyright issues after they got an e-mail of Garfield's creator's lawyer requesting to remove the game or give it more quality.


Hero: Garfield

Victims: Garfield's girlfriend - Arlene

Villains: Joker-rat, dog, 3 cats, Binky the Clown, Indiana Rat, Flash-rat, Jason-rat, Rambo-rat, The neighbor.

Others: Jon Arbuckle, Oddie, Floyd the Mouse, The Mailman, Nermal.

Garfield Crazy Rescue - Solucion-1502077863

Garfield Crazy Rescue - Solucion-1502077863

Link of the gamer: Gabriel Tunno

First Version

When the game was premiered, the Floyd scene along with the Indiana-rat and Rambo-rat scenes were ommited while some items necessary for those scene remained usless.

Garfield Crazy Rescue Walkthrough

Garfield Crazy Rescue Walkthrough.-0

Link of the gamer: InkaGamesWalkThrough

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The Garfield version of this game can be found intact on Newgrounds

Play the Garfield Version: Garfield Crazy Rescue


  • The house - place - was the same as in the second game of Tommy.
  • There were rats that reminded us on some heroes and also villains: Indiana Jones, the Flash, Jason, Rambo and the Joker.
  • When this game was premiered as Garfield Crazy Rescue, a teaser of Homer simpson saw was fetured, on it can be appreciated Pigsaw about to capture a half-naked Homer Simpson sleeping in his couch.
  • In the game, Tina calls Tommy as Garfield,because the original version was a Garfield game.
    • Though all the Garfield characters were replaced, in the following Tommy game Tommy Sewer Escape the characters Oddie and Binky the clown were featured instead of Bony and Bimbo the clown.
Tommy cat crazy rescue walkthrough

Tommy cat crazy rescue walkthrough

Link of the gamer: Егор Платонов 

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