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The evil Pigsaw has caught Tommy cat on a sewer filled of dangerous creatures. Help him to escape save and sound!


Hero: Tommy Cat

Villains: Dog mask, octopuses, Mummy, a alien, Bruce Banner, Ogre, Minotaur

Others: Elephant, Binky the Clown, Oddie, Pigsaw (as a disguise and mentioned).


  • Right in the start, Tommy had in his colection of items a Pigsaw discuise and a fan.
  • The password that was written on the wall wasn't right - so he had to ask the clown.
  • In a place, Tommy could be changed to Oddie (control).
  • Before going to the mummy, Tommy had to descuise himself as Pigsaw.
  • The alien was the same as in one of Obama's games.
  • In a room, there was Bruce sleeping, next to a machine, that could transform him into Hulk. 
  • Tommy had to make a plan how to eliminate the minotaur just in 10 seconds.
  • Oddie helped Tommy with the level, that opened the exit for him.
  • In the end, he was in the means dog yard as Tommy said, that he would be rather in the sewers again.
  • Thought being a Tommy Game, Oddie and Binky the Clown from Garfield Crazy Rescue, the original version of Tommy Crazy Rescue are featured in this game instead their Tommy equivalents of Bony and Bimbo the Clown.
  • This game is technically a crossover between Tommy games and Saw Games.
Tommy Sewer Escape (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

Tommy Sewer Escape (Inkagames) - Walkthrough

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