Game description

Tony Ton is in a different world and as he is in, he has to defeat a evil wizard.


Hero: Tony

Villains: A vicious plant, a sleepy skull-man, a big giant, a little wizard, a geletin-monster, stone-monster, a big glove, the evil wizard.

Others: A mysterious frog - a wizard, a crab, Gustavo, an angry stone,  a salesman, a blacksmith, a little 'creepy' bunny,


  • This is the first game since Crazy Tale to feature an Inka Winner.
  • The crab, in this game, looks like Sebastian, a character from the movie The Little Mermaid.
  • The blacksmit repaired Tony's hookshoot with tape - as Tony would have done that in the first place.
  • The little wizard was in a red cloathing, when later, something came out from him (he was possesed) and his clothes turned blue - normal clothes.
  • Tony threw some magic powder on the bunny, and revealed, that he was in a different room with a glove as before.
  • Tony made the rock-monster reapear again - on his order - to defeat the wizard.
  • The evil wizard had a picture of Criss Angel hanging on the wall.
  • In the end Lucas scared Tony in to thinking (with a mask) that the evil wizard is with him.
Tony Crazy Escape Walkthrough

Tony Crazy Escape Walkthrough

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