Game description 

The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped President Trump to force him to play his evil game game and by doing so, to teach him some manners.


Anti-Hero: Donald Trump

Villains: Pigsaw, Pigface, Riddler, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, Ghostface.

Heroes: Captian America, Teenage Mutant Ninja Tacos (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles parody), Batman, Spiderman, Kickass, Hit-Girl, Red Grasshopper, El Santo, La Catrina

Others: Barack Obama (mentioned), Presidential Guards, Gael Minaya, kitten, Tasmanian Devil, Lucha Libre judge, skeleton with mustache, woodpecker, robot, mole, termite, three Mexicans


  • This game was announced in Inkagames' Facebook on July 6th 2017.
  • This is the first saw game since Grinch Saw Game where the hero is not a Youtuber.
  • The trailer was uploaded on Saturday July 29th 2017.
  • Pigface is playable for the first time in this game.
  • According to Pigsaw at the end of Youtubers Saw Game 2, Trump will not face villains, instead he will face heroes. Although he face also three Batman villains (Riddler, Two-Face and Harley Quinn) and Ghostface from the Scream films.
  • This makes this game the first where the player plays as a bad character unless the Heroes are somewhat brainwashed to attack Trump.
  • The game was launched in October 30th 2017 one day prior Obama in the Dark 4 was originally set to launch.
  • Gael Minaya was the newest Inkagame Winner, he is the winner because he won the draw. But he didn't choose this game, as the Inka Team didn't gave him a chance to choose a game.
  • Trump had to suit up like the Joker, to get into the club where the three villains were - Due to a translation error, they call him Guason (How he is called in spanish speak countries).
  • Pigsaw announces at the end the next games: Obama in the Dark 4, and Gravity Falls Saw Game.
  • Instead of the traditional victory screen at the end of the game, a link to ManoloTEVE's Trump Saw Game Rap is shown.
  • The mobile version (APP) of the game was downloaded on the 3th of August.
  • Click here to play Trump's game on Google Play.
  • Click here to play Trump's game on PC!

Trump Saw Game FULL Walkthrough-1

Trump Saw Game FULL Walkthrough-1


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Youtubers Saw Game 2
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Obama in the Dark 4