Game description

Messi or Christiano has to win the World Cup and bring it back to the senetors.


Hero: Lionel Messi / Cristiano Ronaldo

Villains: Minotaur, Medusa, Cerberus, Hades, Dragon, Snake

Others: Zeus, Hermes, Goddess Sofia, Luis (Hephestus's son), Charon, horse (pegasus), Fausto

Beta Version

Prior the game's publication, a beta version was relased. The main differences from the final game are: The soccer stadium was a playable scenario and Fausto's bone was need to be found there. There were five tasks instead of six and the forbidden garden was not in the game. Hephestus's son was refered as the God Luis. The Pegasus was not necessary to go to Mount Olympus.

Solucion de Juego - World Cup Rescue Version BETA

Solucion de Juego - World Cup Rescue Version BETA

Link of the gamer: IPipper04


  • This is the first game, that the player had to decide which character (footballer) he would decide to play with.
  • This is the first game to feature Inka Winners (Sofia and Luis).
  • The Greek God Zeus had the Cup, because he thought that the mortals call themself better (Messi or Ronaldo) and is willing to change his mind, if he (the hero) does a task.
  • Hermes came down, told to Christiano and gave him a map and a piece of antient paper.
  • He went to Goddess Sofia, to ask for help.
  • In the game there were mostly all of the Greek Mythology's characters.
  • Meduza turned to stone, when she looked at herself in the mirror and the other people, that have n+been turned to stone, were starting to be alive again.
  • The dogs liked the song of the lire.
  • When Christiano gaved the bone to Fausto (Sofia's dog), he magicaly had a necklace with a key on his neck.
  • Christiano had to use the wooden horse to enter the castle - as in the movie Troya.
  • Hades is seen very remarkable as the Hades in Disney Hercules.
  • Hades had the trigon of Posidon.
  • In the end Christiano went to Zeus and took the Cup back where it belongs.
World Cup Rescue Walkthrough Full - Inkagames

World Cup Rescue Walkthrough Full - Inkagames.

Link of the gamer: Allgamesworldhd

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