About him

Wyborn Lovat, otherwise known as Wybie, is the geeky and anxious eleven year old grandson of the owner of Pink Palace. Wybie is presumably part black, evident from his: hair, facial features, and tanned complexion, as well as because Mrs. Lovat is black.

Wybie has coarse, curly, dark brown hair. He also has hazel eyes and a tanned complexion as mentioned before. His posture is horrid; he has a noticeable slouch that causes it to seem as though he is always looking upward. For the entirety of his appearance on the show he wears a black coat with silver trimming, light jeans, and gloves.

In the game

In Coraline's adventure game, he was first seen outside when he scared Coraline with a mask on his face.

In the second part, he was seen infront of the Pink Palace as he talked to Coraline about the doll he gaved to her.

In the third part, he was near the front doors when Coraline came to him and talked to him.

In the last scene, he helped Coraline get a anchore and drop it down in the fauntain where the hand was in.



  • In Coraline's game he was seen equal as in the movie.
  • When Coraline picked up the battery on the stone floor, Wybie jumped from the iron gates and scared her.
  • He told Coraline that his grandmother gave him that name, and it means: Why born.
  • In the middle of the converstaion, his grandma called him twice, when at the first call, he said he didn't heard anything.
  • Wybie send Coraline a doll that looked like her and with it a paper with a message. But he gave it at first to Coraline's mother.
  • He told Coraline about the doll and her grandma's sister, when his grandma called him and he had to go.
  • He also told Coraline that the doll he gaved her, was his grandma's sister doll.
  • Wybie had only 30 seconds to get the anchore and to get back to the fauntain.
  • In the end he was seen in the yard party with his grandma, as he was holding her hand.