Youtubers Saw Game 3 is a Christmas game, and the last game of the decade of 2019.

Game description

It's Christmas Eve and youtubers Lina, Lili Cross, Rovi23, ManoloTEVE, Soliid Snaake, The Marcony Games and MagicManMo prepare to receive Christmas, what they don't know is that the evil Pigsaw has prepared a dangerous gift for them.


Protagonists: Lyna, Rovi23, Lili Cross, ManoloTEVE, Soliid Snaake, The Marcony Games and MagicManMo

Villains: Pigface, Pigsaw, Zombies (only in video game), Lyna EXE., Daniel EXE., Terminator, Pennywise, Pyramid Head, zombie nurse, Chucky, Tiffany, Mr. Unicorn, monster in Rubblox, Demogorgon, a mannequin wearing a brides dress, nun, a possesive samurai suit, Annabella, Sonic.EXE, Slenderman, Jokker (Arthur Fleck), Harly

Others/Helpers: Inkagames Winner (Luis Angle Coatl), Daniel, Pancracio, Mel, two characters inside the game (Tails and Knuckles), Humita (ferret)


  • Unlike the previous two games,the main Youtubers in this game were chosen in base on the ones who play Inkagames the most on their Youtube channels.
  • In this game, Chucky had purple hair.
  • This is also the first time, Inka Games have made an announcment, during the game itself, about another game - The Girl in the Window.
  • If you do not put the USB in the computer, you do not get the things in the Item Tool.
  • In the game, Pennywise is said to be Pennyclown, possibly to avoid copyright.
  • Pigface was seen as the driver in the big volvo roller.
  • Joker is now Jokker, and Harley Quinn is now Harly to possibly avoid copyright.
  • The models for the choices of the robots were: BMW 600, NIMBUS 2000, YT-SG3 (which the last one was the short version of the whole name of the game).
  • It is revealed that Rovi23 will be Pigsaw's next victim
  • Sonic.Exe seems to capture two characters that resemble Tails and Knuckles,but they're purple and blue respectively contrary to their original yellow and red,possibly due to possible copyright issues
Youtubers Saw Game 3 walkthrough FULL COMPLETE

Youtubers Saw Game 3 walkthrough FULL COMPLETE

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